Warming Drawer Repair Norfolk VA

No one wants their hot food on a cold plate. That was the idea behind creating one of the most revolutionary kitchen appliances yet- a warming drawer. Appliances like warming drawers make our lives easier and better. You’ll never know how it feels to have your food get cold ever again, right until the point you pop your plate into this appliance and discover it no longer works. What next? Give Tidewater Appliance Repair experts a call. We’re happy to attend to all warming drawer repair and maintenance repairs in town.

Common warming drawer problems we’ve encountered before include;
  • Drawer isn’t leveled properly. This could be because of poor installation. Make sure the bottom is level or place a level at the bottom of the device.
  • Warming drawer doesn’t operate. Check whether it’s plugged in tightly into the outlet. It may also be possible that your service wiring isn’t complete. You’ll need to contact a professional warming repair and maintenance service provider.
  • Can’t move appliance easily. This may be because cabinets are built in too tightly. You’ll need to contact your installer to help you with this.
  • Drawer won’t close. This could be because the warming unit isn’t leveled properly.
  • Warming drawer has suddenly shut off. This could be caused by a faulty thermostat. If not, you’ll have to remove the drawer case and take off the top panel. You’re going to need professional help with this.
We also replace the following warming drawer parts;
  • Thermostats
  • Fan motors
  • Mounting screws
  • Power buttons
  • Keypads, etc.

Do you need warming drawer repair or maintenance?

An important factor that determines the frequency of your warming drawer repairs is how well you care for this appliance. The better you care for it, the more it will serve you.

Try the following practices to ensure your warming drawer serves you longer;
  • Use a warm cloth to clean the interior and exterior of your appliance
  • Ensure you wipe off crumbs, grease droplets, etc
  • Replace the warming drawer silicon at least once every year. You might need a professional to assist you with this.
  • Keep your kids away from this appliance. Let them know the drawer isn’t a toy to be messed around with.
  • Read the manual before installation to prevent yourself from making a potentially expensive mistake
  • Don’t hang anything heavy on the knobs or handles
  • Unplug your drawer if you notice that your floor is wet. This should be done almost immediately. You don’t want the power source wet since this could cause an electrical hazard.
  • Before cleaning the interior, unplug your warming drawer.

What makes a warming drawer better than a microwave?

The previous keeps food warm without making it soggy which is common with microwaves.

Call us today if you need any work done on your warming drawers. We have an open office to cater to all our customers.